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security request from the united states embassy in libya months before a deadly attack. last month ambassador stevens was killed. three other americans were also killed. the new e-mail is from may, it shows state department officials turned down a request for a dc-3 plane meant to help the security team move safely through libya. >>> president obama and mitt romney will campaign in virginia today. it is the second time in eight days both candidates have campaigned in virginia on the same day. mr. obama stopped yesterday in wisconsin he told the crowd he didn't debate the real mitt romney wednesday. accused the republican nominee of glossing over policy stances to improve his chances for november election. mitt romney says he was just completely wrong when he commented to wealthy donors about the 47% of americans who don't pay federal income taxes. romney told fox news last night that his life has shown he cares 100% about people. >>> mitt romney's wife ann has been booked as a guest host on "good morning america" next week. she will fill in for robin roberts who is on extended medi
they were extradited to the united states from england. aaron has the latest. >> the radical person stood before the judge facing federal charges of conspiring to set up a terror training camp in oregon and kidnapping 16 tourists in yemen, two americans. >> very dangerous individual. a person who has not just inspired, but actually worked operationally, so it's charged, to have terrorist attacks carried out against americans. in the '90s, the prosecutor said he turned the mosque into a breeding ground for extremists, attracting men like the 9/11 terrorists and including richard reed, the shoe bomber. >> for over a decade he was preaching hatred and preaching jihad and probably terrorism week and week out to thousands of young british muslims. >> he fought extradition to the united states while jailed in britain for inciting racial hatred and encouraging them to kill anonymous leams. he was on a plane and bound for the u.s. a waiting trial with him are two other suspects accused of participating in the bombings of two american embassies in africa in 1998. 224 people died in those attacks,
at pier 80 the work is just beginning for oracle team united states a their flagship 72 foot yacht is in pieces after a practice went awry yesterday afternoon. >> sue hall in the traffic center. live shot of the bay bridge toll, metering lights on big problem is eastbound san mateo bridge overturn blocking two lanes and alert in effect more >>> good wednesday morning october 17th. live look on the embarcadero san francisco no traffic there the skies look clear on our way to very warm day. >> where are the cars? >> i don't know, sleeping in, getting ready for the giants game in afternoon. that's probably what it is. thanks for joining us, glad you are awake i'm kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas. first the forecast in the bay area. maybe getting thunderstorms there for the game. >> that's in st. louis with breezy wants the rain hasn't started yet it is on the way. clear skies, we drop to the mid 50s at our coast upper 50s throughout the morning 60s and 70s by noontime around high mid 70s at beaches around the bay once again cool in the 50s to start out, you will be in the mid to upper
will be under the ban. >>> united states supreme court convenes new session today court watchers call it the most important docket in a decade. issues like same-sex marriage, voting rights and abortion are likely to come up. the first thin the court will do 7:00 this morning, pacific time, release a lift of appeals it wilt not consider. legal experts say california's ban on same-sex marriage is not likely to be on that list f it is the 9th circuit court ruling stands and same-sex marriage would be legal in california. >>> governor brown approved or vetoed 58 bills over the weekend. ' a bill that will give some juveniles sentenced to life in prison, a chance to earn parole. the governor said yes to a bill requiring parents who don't want their kids immunized to sign a waiver. in addition, brown vetoed legislation allowing reporters to interview specific celebrity convicts in a bill that would have given overtime and meal breaks to domestic workers. 2ó recall" goes on sale today. he talks about how he ruined his wife. he praises shriver throughout his book, he also says he regrets the
and put it next to the wonderful state of california flag and the united states of america flag. i would like that, i bet would you too. all wishing for a bay bridge series, aren't we, without the quake. 6:15, live doppler, still searching for clouds, mist, drizzle, something to show a cooling trend, not this morning. temperatures just updated low to mid 70s antioch and fremont, everybody else 60s, until you go napa, santa rosa, half moon bay low to mid 50s. monterey bay clear and mid to upper 50s even inland. the heatwave breaks today record highs are over, clouds return tonight so does more comfortable sleeping conditions it will feel like fall this weekend. temperatures will continue to tumble throughout the next several days. today, compared to afternoon, still going to be warmer, were in record territory yesterday even if we cool, still 14° above average in livermore to 3 in napa, big key is when will the sea breeze hit your area? mid to upper 80s south bay, low to mid 80s peninsula, mid to upper 70s downtown south san francisco and sausalito mid to upper 80s north bay valleys east
for a second for president of the united states of america. [ cheering ] >> reporter: the president is in town of course to raise money. attended three fundraise earth most expensive one $40,000 per person this is his sixth visit here this year. his next stop is to look for votes. he's going to ohio an important swing state. he will be leaving the incondition 10 hotel later this morning -- inter-continental hotel later. it will be after the rush hour probably around the 9:00 hour shouldn't impact traffic terribly be aware, when his motorcade is on the move they shutdown blocks of streets at a time. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> republican challenger mitt romney campaigns today in iowa and ohio two of the nine battleground states. he will attend a rally 20 miles west of des moines. yesterday he thanked supporters in virginia for coming out in the rain. he dished up harsh criticism of the president's spending record. >>> new this morning, oakland police investigating two homicides two people were found shot dead in a car last night. police say one was shot in the head, bottle men. it happened n
the announcement a few hours ago. the recall affects more than two million cars in the united states, including the yaris, corolla, matrix, camry and rav 4. all made between 2005 and 2010. no accidents or injuries have been reported. >>> if you think you are safe because your car has an air bag, new warning you need to know about. officials say the government has alerted them thousands of car owners may be driving vehicles with counterfeit air bags that don't meet standards and may not inflate in a crash. no specific models have been named. government will make the formal announcement today and ask people to check a website or call their dealer to see if their model is affected. >>> if you bought a new car this year, there's a good chance it is either white or silver new numbers show 22% of cars made this year have white paint making it the most popular color worldwide silver close second with 20%, black, grey, red round out top five. the numbers are skewed, a large percentage of pick-ups 10 to be white because business owners use them as work trucks. >>> 6:22. the peanuts are coming back. >>>
was flown to the united states in morning for extensive neurorehabilitation she was shot in the head in an attack that wounded two classmates her story ignited outrage in pakistan where protesters have been demonstrating again the taliban the country's interior minister says the attack was plan add broad. >>> fireworks show blamed -- blamed for injuring 100 people in that. the display starts off normally then something goes terribly wrong. >> this happened saturday alarm crowd gathered -- a large crowd gathered. one witness says one of the fireworks seemed abnormal when it went off, but workers continued to set off fireworks. needless to say an investigation is underway. >>>:17 many time for our a look at our forecast scattered fog out. >>> today no different, we have high pressure pushing down on the atmosphere and the deck of low clouds and fog is shallow that means near the surface we are looking at reduced visibility from our roof camera this morning you can see some of that and live doppler 7 hd with sweep on top of mount st. helena illustrates all the cloudiness. it will take t
and spending cuts. the letter was signed from heads of top banks. moody's has warned it might downgrade united states debt if an agreement is not reached. we have a slight negative tone on wall street, weekly jobless claims went up more than forecast. a little direction. bloomberg index trading down. halloween sales not looking sweet for candy makers, consumers projected to cutback on amount they spend on treats this year. halloween tops easter, christmas and valentine's day as top holiday for chocolate some pulling back spending. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. >>> 6:49. >> it is 49ers day here we have ordered up warm temperatures hopefully the 9ers will pack heat too. >>> absolutely. temperatures while tailgating up he have says by the time starts mid 70s by the time the game ends mid 60s under a star filled night let's hope there will be fireworks after we win. let's look what the what is going on with live doppler 7 hd satellite and radar all in one, no radar returns and no clouds, no flight arrival delays into sfo, nothing going on in oakland more san jose all is quiet
present from the united states and new orleans to the world and i want to give back. >> when the tsunami devastated japan's coast last year, it was these students who returned the favor. fundraising, donating instruments so students they had never met could continue to play on. >> 13,000 homes were destroyed in the city. but it's band never missed a beat. this woman said disaster tore her community apart, but new orleans helped unite it. last weekend the high school students in their own intern band traveled to japan to perform with the swing dolphins, playing the very instruments they had exchanged. there were few words. but the beat, the rhythm, spoke a universal language. >> it's not about anyone else, it's about the music. >> a performance inspired by shared heartache, fulfilled by the power of music. abc news, japan. >> it is 6 could 39. coming up next, you've got mail. the people who made the phrase famous are attempting a big comeback. aol generates a new idea for an old concept. let's take a live look outside. emeryville at highway 80. you see the sky looks a little foggy. lisa a
of the united states of america. >> the president and mitt romney are off the trail prepping for their third and final debate. >> this one i think matters because it's in effect the tiebreaker. >> the monday night showdown will focus on foreign policy which has taken a back seat to the economy and other domestic issues. but a contentious exchange over libya in the last debate suggested a potential for more fireworks. >> for yen policy doesn't always attract people's attention in campaigns but it is what really matters in a presidency. >> with just over two weeks before election day you could get whip lashed reading the policy. the polls show the race unchanged since yesterday. but in three key battleground midwest states, the president has the lead. >> we don't have all that much data right now, believe it or not. we don't have that much public data. the campaigns have a lot of information. we don't. >> that's why the schedules are the clearest indicators where the race will be decided and both campaigns are narrowing their focus to states like ohio, virginia, iowa and florida as they approa
of your own race that you are proud of being president of the united states, i applaud colin for standing with him. >> he later released a statement quote, colin powell is a friend and i respect the endorsement decision he made, i do not doubt it was based on anything but his support of the president's policies. >> kristen: happening later this morning, funeral services are planned for former presidential candidate george mcgovern. hundreds of people paid their respects for the former senator known for being staunchly liberal. joe biden remembered his colleague. mcgovern passed away on sunday. he was 90 years old. >> mike is tracking our weather as well as sandy on the east coast. >> heading to the east coast. it is not doing much but raining on florida but it is causing a rib currents. it could be a mega storm. first, what is going on here and wrap up sandy. we're looking down from vollmer peak bay bridge back to san francisco. live doppler 7-hd. it's not going to find much the next couple of days. it's not going to find any rain possibly halloween unfortunately but best chance will be u
the voters' votes. >> money isn't everything. the humane society of the united states got prop 2 passed in 2008 largely on a grass roots effort and now hands have to have more room in their cages. if you want to see a complete list of donors to all the propositions, you can go to our website and click on "see it on tv." nannette miranda, abc7 news. going into detail on one of those propositions, should the rules be changed for auto insurance companies doing business in california? that's the central question voters are being asked with prop 33. this measure is complex. here's mike finish with what your vote will mean. >> this is harvey. he wrote and shepparded the passage of prop 33. >> he's a smart guy, he's knowledgeable, he's a tough opponent. >> that's the founder and chairman of mercury insurance, george joseph. >> i don't know anything about george joseph, i don't really care about him but anybody who is an enemy of consumers is an enemy of mine. >> these two have been adversaries for decades and the fight has been joined again. this time over proposition 33 where joseph is the ma
miles an hour, it continues to move parallel to the southeastern coast of the united states. we are looking at this at about almost 400 miles south of new york city. but you have heard the impacts from the delaware, maryland, washington, new york, all the way up through maine and as it merges with the second system, the colder system, the impacts being felt through west virginia, ohio, with the snow and in fact already some schools are closed with the anticipation of such a huge system with hurricane-force winds perhaps throughout 400-mile radius. that's anywhere from 74 miles. but we could see wind gusts from 60 to 80 miles an hour for a sustained amount of time with the huge amount of landscape and real estate that this is going to cover and the storm surge from four to ten feet anywhere from d.c. up to new york city. so, of course, we will be watching that. back home our weather kind ever on hold today but then the changes come subtly throughout the afternoon today with the return to the fog and see breeze. but it's mild right now. 55 half moon bay, 62 antioch with 53 livermo
's a lot of good take away for parents who may have struggled on the eastern half of the united states also let's face it people in california natural disasters around the corner for all of you out there as well. just really another way to synthesize what we've seen the last couple of days. all straight ahead on "good morning america." >>> we have word that newark and jfk have reopened not laguardia yet. here at sfo we have our own serious delays. >> two hour delays the worst this week fog not as thick as it was yesterday. coming up on 6:50 you can see how easy it is to see the embarcadero from our roof cam, ferry building didn't to the bay bridge. still a little wet from drizzle earlier still pockets of drizzle around this morning. live doppler showing how cloudy and moist the air is right now, the steadier rain coming in later is not anywhere near the bay area. when you step out it is damp and mild mid to upper 50s, 60 in mountain view, mid to upper 50s monterey bay and inland. drizzle for the morning commute. rain for the evening. light steady rain overnight it will clear out in time for
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